TOSA reference model example not working with v0.80

Hello TOSA folks, upon running the following sequence to set up and run a reference model example:

git clone
cd reference_model/
git submodule update --init --recursive
git checkout --recurse-submodules v0.80
mkdir -p build
cd build/
cmake -G Ninja ..
cd ..
./build/reference_model/tosa_reference_model --test_desc=examples/test_add_1x4x4x4_f32/flatbuffer-tflite/desc.json

I get this output from the last command:

WARNING: Different Tosa flatbuffer and serializer versions detected. Read Tosa flatbuffer version 0.80.0d is backward compatible with serializer version 0.80.0

It’s not clear what I should do here to fix this.

Hi Suraj, seems we forgot to update the example Flatbuffer files. Will upstream the fix ASAP.

Thanks for noticing this issue.


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Hi Suraj,

The warning should be fixed now:


That worked, thanks @Jerry-Ge !

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