How to terminate FVP properly?

I’m using FVP to run some continous job, and I found out that the FVP doesn’t terminate itself after the job finish.
Right now, I’m using --cyclelimit 100000000 as a work around so FVP exit when max cycle is hit.
Wondering if there is any better way to do this, thanks!


You can check the full list of CLI options supported by the FVP using ‘-l’ argument. We recommend dumping the result to a file or piping it to less for easier browsing.

You can try using the following additional options when running the FVP and it should exit (to the parent shell), provided the application running on the FVP terminates gracefully.

-C mps3_board.telnetterminal0.start_telnet=0 \
-C mps3_board.uart0.out_file='-' \
-C mps3_board.uart0.shutdown_on_eot=1

Hope this helps.

ML Ecosystem Team

This is great!
Thanks a lot!