Ethosu driver API

Is there any documentation on the ethosu driver API. Specifically on the API of
How does the power_mode affect the inference latency/power consumption?

And is there anywhere ethousu_init is called? ( didn’t find it by searching in the code base).


There is no specific documentation around the driver API. However, the driver sources is fairly well documented and the TRM might help with understanding the power and clock functions exposed via the API. For example, the clock and power module section has some details:

Basic summary would be: If the power mode is set to always on, the NPU will not be setting up additional signals for it to be power/clock gated and therefore will continue using power when it it doesn’t need to. Latency impact should be negligible when the gating is enabled and the extent of it depends on how the NPU is integrated into the system.

The call to the ethosu_init function is outside TensorFlow Lite Micro framework. It is the application’s responsibility to do this initial set up. You can find the call in our examples in hal.c on line 255.