Announcing TOSA v0.60.0

TOSA 0.60.0 Release Notes

We have now tagged and released TOSA 0.60.0 on
The rendered specification is available at


  • Add definitions for main inference conformance. Defines requirements for floating-point accuracy for TOSA operations.
  • Fix rank limitations on data layout operations
  • Add accumulator size for AVG_POOL2D
  • Use XML as source for specification version
  • Misc. cleanups

Reference Model / Test Generators

  • Initial conformance test generators to cover MI testing.
  • Add FFT2D support.
  • Improved control flow handling in reference model.
  • Bug fixes and cleanup.

Serialization library

  • Fix serialization of control flow with new region capabilities.
  • Add FFT2D and RFFT2D serialization.
  • Align serialization to specification changes.

TOSA MLIR Translator

  • Add a deserialization pass to create an MLIR graph from serialized TOSA.
  • Add region support to improve control flow handling.
  • Add support for serializing unranked tensors.
  • Use DenseArrayAttr to align with MLIR.
  • Align to changes in TOSA specification.
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