Announcing TOSA v0.40.0

We have now tagged and released TOSA v0.40.0. All of the repositories exist on

TOSA 0.40.0 Release Notes


  • Some of the table data for the specification has been moved into an XML base document. In the specification build, we use the XML to generate asciidoc tables to be included into the specification document. The XML can be used in other projects to stay in sync with changes to the specification.
  • Convolution weights are now noted as inputs for all profiles. Previously, they were attributes to the convolution functions for the Base Inference and Main Inference profiles. Implementations may choose to optimize the weights if they are known at compile time, but it is no longer required to be compliant.
  • RESIZE scale is now defined as a ratio of integers. This allows the output dimensions to be derived from the input dimensions without rounding.
  • Remove rank limits on RESCALE and POW. This brings them in line with other similar operations in the specification.
  • Inverted the definition of out_pad for TRANSPOSE_CONV2D. We have inverted the sign of the output pad values such that increasing out_pad values leads to increasing pad. This change also specifies a pad limit range of output pad values that give an output dependent on the whole input.

Reference Model

  • Update RESIZE, TRANSPOSE_CONV2D to match specification changes
  • Simplify the argument parsing and debug code
  • Update unit test generators
    • RESIZE, TRANSPOSE_CONV2D, RESCALE to match spec changes
  • Update framework test generator
    • Add relu1 tests
    • Add conv3d
  • Added to enable regenerating of the conformance test suite.

Serialization library

  • Updated the CMakefile to make it easier to integrate with other libraries
  • Updated the RESIZE attribute to match the specification
  • Bug fixes

TOSA MLIR translator

  • Added support for Conv3d
  • Updated RESIZE to match the specification

Conformance tests

  • Updated for the latest changes.
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